Our Mission

In today’s age of rapid digitization, there’s an ever-increasing prominence of ‘digital footprints’ throughout every aspect of our being. And while this expanding footprint has generally led to increased quality of life, it has also led to a number of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Consider the fact that 21 million men claim to be, or think they could be, addicted to pornography; that’s more than 5 times the number from 2000. Or, consider the fact that study after study links social media over-consumption to depression and anxiety. However you want to look at it, any way you cut it, the digital world we live in has fostered a hyper-growth of destructive digital habits.

Historically, to combat destructive online habits (namely, pornography consumption), accountability software has been leveraged to provide peer-based support to those looking for a digital detox. While this approach has bore fruit, there are three fundamental challenges with today’s digital wellness solutions that render them ineffective for today’s marketplace. First, they’re limited to defensive tactics, meaning it’s about behavior change as opposed to heart change. 2nd, they’re passive; if I go beyond my digital boundaries, you’re finding out about it after the fact, not before. And 3rd, they’re limited to one use case: pornography. There are a number of digital destructive habits, not just consuming adult content.  

We believe that digital wellness platforms fall short because they’ve never looked at their users wholly. Simply put, digital wellness needs to be redefined.

Enter LeadMeNot. LeadMeNot is the first digital wellness platform that takes both a proactive and holistic approach toward fighting destructive digital habits. We use Artificial Intelligence to identify users’ behavioral patterns proactively and provide a hyper-personalized experience that works to understand users’ on a heart level, to help fight destructive habits. 

We see a world where LeadMeNot can become an all-in-one digital accountability partner,  that knows you better than you know yourself, thanks to the data you produce. That text your mom just sent you? Well, you told us that anger is a trigger, and it seems like she used a tone that could very well set you off. Why don’t you reach out to Jack right now, or go for a walk? We want to know what triggers you, what helps you, what soothes you, what grows you and use that information in a redemptive manner. This is not with the intent to replace human interaction, but to point back to community and relationship as the true source of support and healing.

Are you ready to start your journey towards freedom?