Digital Wellness, Redefined

Breaking bad habits is tough. It's no wonder why 80% of resolutions fail. LeadMeNot is here to help you break free from these habits by recognizing your digital patterns and prescribing solutions that help keep you accountable. 


How We Fight

How does our digital wellness app work?

Personalize your journey.

You'll customize your journey to reach freedom based on specified areas of struggle; our initial use cases are focused on 'Unwanted Sexual Behavior' and 'Unhealthy Digital Usage' 

Recognize your triggers.

You'll set known triggers (e.g. 'No YouTube after midnight) and we'll monitor online behavior & negative patterns that are specific to you, blocking/filtering or alerting you and your accountability partners

Reflect & stay encouraged.

We'll help ensure that you remain confident in your journey by fostering reflection, connection, and encouragement

Catching Accountability

Studies show that peer-based support to fight unhealthy behaviors, either online or offline, works. Don't fight on your own.

That's why we invented LeadMeNot. We believe in the power of accountability, not to induce feelings of shame or guilt, but to lead each of us towards connection and true relationship.

We offer both automated accountability and human accountability, depending on where you are in your journey. Automated accountability offers a Blocker/Filter for websites and apps, whereas Human accountability allows for monitoring, alerting you and your partners.

Proactive Blocking, Filtering & Monitoring

Understand the unique triggers that lead you towards the same old routines, while continuing to lean on those committed to helping you build new ones

Image explaining data privacy in accountability software

Data Collection Designed for Safety

Monitored data (i.e. website searches) is used to only help you in your journey to break free; data is only shared with your accountability partner, no other parties. Sensitive details are masked & encrypted for your protection.

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Are you ready to start your journey towards freedom?

We're confident you'll sleep better, have more energy, live healthier, and feel 'free' from potentially binding technology.