Our Pitch

Digital has brought so much goodness to our world. It can lead to entertainment, romance, community, connection, ease of life. Technology has the power to change our lives for the better. But it also has the power to destroy. We start by wanting a little entertainment. We find ourselves binge-watching for five hours straight. We start by wanting a little romantic connection. We find ourselves in a series of meaningless hookups. We start by wanting to cure just a little bit of loneliness. We find ourselves sad and ashamed. We end up watching porn. Healthy desires that we attempt to satisfy by unhealthy means. What if we could consume technology without it consuming us? That's LeadMeNot. LeadMeNot is a digital wellness platform that leverages accountability, radical transparency, and artificial intelligence to fight destructive digital behavior. So imagine you're going on hour three of a TV show. The clock strikes 12 and boop, you get a notification.

Jason, it's past midnight. You said you didn't want to be on Netflix. Last time you were in this position, you felt miserable the next morning. And you receive an alert. From your best friend, your trusted partner who's lovingly asking you to do the same. This is a proactive and holistic approach towards digital wellness. It's proactive because we're alerting users before they make a decision they'll regret. And it's holistic because we're fostering introspection, reflection. And what's going on in your heart and mind that's leading you towards this behavior? Because fundamentally, we believe it's not what you're doing on your devices, it's why you're doing it. And the reality is there's 5 billion people in this world with an internet connection, with the digital device, that could be asking themselves that question that aren't.

We see at least as a $17 billion opportunity for those who struggle with general digital addiction. But for our MVP and where we've focused for the last 12 months that we've been in the market, is on a well-defined segment of the total population. A well-defined problem. Specifically those who struggle with pornography addiction. Which we see at least as a $5 billion opportunity. A million dollars of which we believe is attainable in the near term. And we've actually already started to obtain this market with 300 active users. And this is without spending a penny on marketing or advertising. Just being available in Google Play. 100 million data points that we've collected from users because they've consented to share their data with us. Everything they're doing on their devices.

We've only started to model off of this data. And three partners. Organizations that look to LeadMeNot as a trusted resource to their customers, to their clients. And this is really significant. Because we see partnerships as the key towards scalability. The more organizations that deploy LeadMeNot as a trusted resource to their customers, to their clients, the easier it'll be for us to move from our freemium tiering in which we're operating today to actually start generating real revenue. Okay, so how are we different from what's out there today? A standard wellness platform goes something like this. A user goes online. They search for explicit content. They go through a series of events as you see on this slide. But the user ends up back on the platform. Back at square one pretty quickly.

But at LeadMeNot, we realize that this is a continuous journey. Every step is a step forward. And we start with hyper-personalization. So users onboards, they set their why. We ask them, why are you actually starting this journey? Why are you trying to overcome this behavior? We'll get everything from I'm fighting for purity in my marriage to I just want to be more productive with how I'm spending my time. Then a user goes online. If they cross their digital boundaries, we set an alert to the user and to their trusted partner, their accountability partner in real time proactively, predictively. We encourage introspection, reflection, and we're fostering community and connection in the process. So today what we're doing is leveraging if-then statements to pull data from a single source to then analyze and respond.

If-then. If-then this, then that. But tomorrow, tomorrow is an even better story. We can use AI and automation to its full extent, to its full powers. So the opportunity is we can pull data from multiple sources, your personal calendar, your physical location, what are you doing on your browser, what's on your wearable device to redeem your offline and online activity to tell a better story. And these stories matter. And I know this. Because of my story and my struggle with digital addiction, specifically online dating, I thought I wanted romantic connection. But what I sought and what I got was physical intimacy with woman after woman.

And what I wanted then and what I want today is deeper. It's to be known and loved in ways that I never have. And I have a team of men and women who are committed to helping the world find and seek the same freedom.

So today we're seeking half a million dollars in pre-seed investment to grow LeadMeNot to its full vision. Today we've completely bootstrapped and we believe that a capital injection will bring LeadMeNot to its full extent, to the full vision as we've outlined here. So if you want to help lead the world not into temptation but freedom from destructive digital behavior, then partner with us.